Blackface Blues

The Beast

   Number 1 of 666

The songs below I've made for mankind. They are NOT in my blues playlist

Blackface Blues

Music & Lyrics by The Beast ( Date 22-6-2020 )

Well, I Woke up this morning with a doomsday in my head

Well, I Woke up this morning and I’m feeling so sad

Feel like someone kick my head, Why is pleasing children so bad?

( Akwasi, it’s a joke, so do not feel offended 😊)


Lord oh Lord, why are these grownups so mean

Lord oh lord, something went wrong with your copy machine?

Now the heart too small and what happened with the other cheek?


Bridge Piece:

Ahh but Lord Have mercy. They don’t know what they’re doing! (2x)

Yes I better be quick before they put their children’s dreams in ruin.


Solo ( harmonica, guitar, Hammond )


The telephone rings:

Blackface: “Wait a minute, felles” ( to the mucicians …and takes the call ).

Blackface: “Hello with Blackface, What can I do for you”

A child’s voice:

“Hello Blackface with Mary. Can you please, please bring me a beautiful doll on the 6th of December. I promise that I will do my best at school the whooole year”.

Blackface laughs: “Of course Mary. That’s a deal. See you on the 6th”

Mary: “Thank you Blackface”

Blackface: You’re welcome Mary, Bey!”


Ok Let’s start:

People oh People, Can’t you see they’re colour blind

People oh People, Can’t you see they’re colour blind

It’s your Original Sin, a cure is found so just be kind



I’m the Blackface people (5)

I’m the Blackface and here to stay

For Mary’s dreams, for Peter’s dreams, for Levi’s dreams, for Mohammed’s dreams

For every child’s dreams

I’m here to stay, don’t go away.


To be recorded before the end of September 2020.


Word from Blackface to mankind.

Dear Mankind,

There’s a lot of anger in your hearts. You feel that you don’t have a grip on your lives. Since the 27 December of 2014 there’s a solution to the Original Sin that sneaked into the hearts of you all ( except the children ). Get 100% control , stay young or rejuvenate and be strong again…and only kindness matters. A little bullying is all right but do not be a victim of the bully. Better is be creative.

Here’s the ANTIVIRUS of the Original Sin: BSI-Magic will make the world bright and creative again for all mankind. See also


Don’t judge the past (=now until the beginning of time).The past did what it did. See


Sincerely yours,

Blackface & Santa

Here is my site:   and Santa’s site: , give yourselves presents. It’s Magic.

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